The Grinch Manifesto at The Karaoke Hole
The Grinch Manifesto

The flagellator’s of The Chromatica Cabaret Jane Norman & Dorothy Perkin’s return this Christmas in:

The Grinch Manifesto



The Fallacy of Yuletide being The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year is over.


The Joy that once Swelled in our Hearts at the Twinkling Light’s and Many Delight’s of XMA’S has Melted like the polar Ice Cap’s.


The once sweet sound of Festive Celebration is now deafened by the Resounding Screams of Capitalism.


If Plant Based Produce is so overwhelmingly positive, then why does our Flatulence smell worse?



We have the receipt’s. We are coming. We are doxxing Jesus Christ. We are exposing Rudolph. We are cancelling Christmas.



Guest starring HRH Princess’ Julia.



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Proof of negative Covid test OR double vaccination needed for entry

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