Our Gay Maria: Twenty Twenty Hun

It’s been a long year. Lots of things are no more: our ability to socialise, our sense of smell, Chariots in Vauxhall…

But there’s one thing that would outlive even a global apocalypse: hun culture.

Join the Marias and a plethora of London’s most talented huns at The K Hole as they reunite to bring you a line up night like no other, a celebration of all things Hun.

It’s been a rough 14 months since we were forced to cancel our last show (not COVID related, breaking public decency laws) and before everyone remembers what good drag performances look like, we wanted to get another show out of the way in a last ditch attempt to stay relevant. And stay relevant, we will.

Keep an eye on the Karaoke Hole facebook page for an announcement of our lineup!


Where: The K Hole

When: Friday 16th July

Why: No one knows!



“very good” – friend we forced to buy a ticket

“None of these girls were on Drag Race UK, I want my money back” – Maid of Honour on a hen weekend

Doors 7pm
Show 8pm

COVID Safety measures

  • Tickets are sold by the table. Tables cannot be comprised of more than two households. No mingling between tables.
  • All customers must remain seated unless using the toilet, and observe social distancing of 1m+ at all times.
  • Face coverings to be worn by all customers when moving through the venue.
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