Your dad keeps saying #notallmen, and we agree, tall men are awful.

Come down to the karaoke-est hole in Dalston for a raucous night of drag from short kings, lanky queens and average peasants.


Your Hosts

R Graham

‘Political, sexy, and horrifying in equal parts’, ‘R’ Graham is a cheeky Yorkshire chappy who puts the gent in gentrification. He’s the boy next door nobody asked for, but that’s not going to stop him showing off his tools for you. 

Aiden Strickland

Aiden is the UK’s leading drag ostrich, unless there’s another one, in which case he’s sorry. A Lipsync 1000 finalist, Hay Babes loser, RADA graduate, and yassified Rod Hull. Aiden’s so fucking stupid you’ll want to bury your head in the sand.


Susan Socks

Susan Socks may be a Lipsync 1000 finalist and EGOT award winner. Although she was raised by a pack of rodents, her work aims to get to the heart of what makes us human, and what doesn’t. Whether she’s out with the girls at Slug & Lettuce or scurrying through the sewers of Paris, you can always count on Susan to significantly lower the tone.

Cat Phisher

They put the ‘FUCK’ into Gender Fuckery. Cat Phisher is a Drag Thing here to catfish the whole bloody lot of you thirsty creatures with their combo of fetish, comedy, burlesque and (certified) madness all mixed in with an unhealthy dose of glittery bodily fluids.Prepare to be hypnotised, aroused and possibly confused.. but please just don’t give them your bank details. We beg you.

Bi Curious George

Winner of Not Another Drag Competition 2022, Bi-curious George is the “wonderfully stupid” and “deliciously unexpected” nature boy you didn’t know you needed in your life. Move over David Attenborough, there’s a new nature king in town.

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