You asked for it darlings – they’re back!

Join renowned (and frankly gorgeous) improv comedy duo DRAGPROV for an evening of award-winning spontaneous musical hilarity at The Karaoke Hole!

DRAGPROV (as seen on BBC News, featured in the Guardian and the London Evening Standard’s ‘Top 10 LGBT shows to see in London’) are a gloriously musical drag king and queen double act who will improvise a tuneful medley right in front of your eyes. Using your suggestions, this formidable pairing of lovable soft-boy (Christian Adore) and sassy queen (Eaton Messe) will create dazzlingly vibrant cabaret, from Broadway songs to sketches and spontaneous freestyle raps.

RuPaul’s glamour meets ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’-style improvised comedy. Serving you wit as sharp as their contour; jinks as high as their brows; memories that will stick with you longer than last night’s glitter. For one night only at The Karaoke Hole, we present to you: DRAGPROV.

“Quick-witted, eloquent…Dragprov are bringing glamour to improvised comedy”  The Guardian

“Everyone thinking of booking something needs to get themselves a ticket and see this brilliantly funny show.” ★★★★★ London Theatre 1

“Their show will wow you with their musical talents, make you laugh at their comedy techniques” ★★★★★ Phoenix Remix

“I do not have enough superlatives to describe how incredible this inimitable act is… Filled me with so much joy” ★★★★★ The Pink Times

“This show is an uproariously wicked success. A glamorous, belly laugh fiesta” ★★★★★ 730 review


Doors open 19:00, show 20:00-22:00

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