blonde ambitchion at the karaoke hole
Blonde Ambitchion: Jonbenet Blonde & Krystal Versace

The Karaoke Hole is back again darlings!

We’re inviting our favourite cabaret and drag stars from the scene to join us for raucous evenings of comedy, song and queer performance arté this June and July!

Blonde Ambitchion with Jonbenet Blonde and Krystal Versace

Are you ready for some Blonde Ambitchion?! Jonbenet Blonde and Krystal Versace are bringing you a night of blondes from Britney to Miley to anyone thats partaken in the old peroxide. Its a night of numbers live and lipsynching! Jonbenet will be debuting her first ever song!  And because we’re sat down LETS HAVE QUIZ all things Blonde!

This is going to be a night revisiting the 2000’s at its very best meauxments

Blonde wigs are welcome..

Doors: 7pm

Show: 8pm

COVID Safety measures

  • Tickets are sold by the table. Tables cannot be comprised of more than two households. No mingling between tables.
  • All customers must remain seated unless using the toilet, and observe social distancing of 1m+ at all times.
  • Face coverings to be worn by all customers when moving through the venue.
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