WANDA WHATEVER is a loud and occult songstrxss, rabble rouser, medicine show maven, and doyenne of subversive delights. Their performance style is a unique array of grunge, rock, camp, Broadway, and/or underground, depending on what mood you catch them in, of which there are many. Wanda believes in a healthy dose of ambiguity in all pursuits, which is guaranteed to deeply unsettle the people you shouldn’t be hanging out with anyways. Creator of Fussy Party and Boulangerie: A Queer Variety Show, they’re passionate about community and creating experimental and protected spaces for queer artists of all different backgrounds, gender identities, and artistic concentrations to share their work. Wanda’s performed at Bushwig NYC & Berlin, Sink the Pink, Cybil’s House, The Glory, Hardware Bar NYC, Industry NYC, a concert hall in Florida covered in humongous flamingos, and a bunch of other queer shit. You won’t know what’s hit you, but Whatever it is, you’ll like it.
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