Against their better judgement, Rachel Porter (one of the Figs in Wigs) and Hannah Maxwell (Hannah Maxwell) have decided to host an actual karaoke night that is not in a living room or an Uber or a morgue (if you know you know).

Join these two grade A idiots for a night of acceptable singing, mediocre harmonising and having a crack at that top note.

We will be operating a loose Musicals/Disney theme, so come prepared for cheese, nostalgia and “what the hell is this even from?” But if you you really really want to sing Queen, we won’t stop you (now). Just be aware anyone wanting to sing a classic showtune will be bumped to the top of the list.

HM & RP will of course do some prepared duets but we promise we won’t hog the mic. This is about you guys singing and us getting paid.

Doors: 8pm
Karaoke: from 9pm



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